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The minimum batch of paper bags without printing or with standard printing from our warehouse is 1 box. Depending on the size of the package, 1 box contains from 500 to 3000 pieces.

If you want to make paper packaging with individual printing, the minimum batch for bags will be 20,000 pieces, for napkins and wrapping paper-10,000 pieces.

The minimum circulation of paper packaging is determined by the features of our equipment. In some cases, if the package layout is simple, we can try to make a smaller batch, for this you must provide us with the package layout in vector graphics and specify the exact size of the package. Our technologists will review your order and be sure to respond as soon as possible.

The minimum print run for placemets with printing is 5,000 pieces. The printing is applied flexographically, which allows us to offer our customers favorable prices.

Superpack Company LLC employs professional designers who, in case of placing an application for the production of packaging, are ready to help with the preparation of the layout of your future packaging for free.

For printing on paper packaging, you must provide a file in vector graphics (CDR, PDF, AI, etc.).

If you are interested in our packaging, please contact our sales department, our managers will tell you where to pick up samples, or they will come to you with product samples. If you are in another city, we will send you free samples by mail.

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